Thursday, September 10, 2009

All we are saying...

is give silver a chance.

It is like being back in 67 again. The trendy thing is the peace symbol. Come to think of it, I have been seeing a lot of tie dye shirts too.

I showed Wanda, one of our regular customers at the Italian Farmers Market a peace symbol that I had made out of silver and she fell in love with it and wanted it as a necklace. Jane put it on an Omega chain and Wanda went away wearing her new necklace. She wanted me to make a pair of peace symbol earrings for her too.

As I was making the peace symbols for Wanda, I got to thinking about hearts. Peace and love, you know. So I made a couple of large hearts and then it occurred to me to combine the two and make a peace symbol out of the heart. I am sure I have seen that before and it wasn't an totally original idea, but I thought customers might like it. The result is shown below.

I also made Jane a pair of silver dome earrings. The domes are 5/8" in diameter so the small size makes them perfect for just about anytime. Here is a photo of those earrings.

I have more ideas and a new shipment of silver is due to arrive today. I will share more soon.


  1. Hi Jane!!

    You are so sweet...
    Thanks for the B-Day song for Sam ~~
    I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend...
    xo Laura

  2. I love the dome earrings! Very pretty...they're so simple in design, but I love the reflection from the hammered surface.


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