Monday, February 22, 2010

200 Sales!

We're SO excited!  We made our 200th sale this weekend (with 100% positive feedback) at our supply shop:(

Thank you to all of you who helped us reach this goal!

The thing we seem to sell the most is wire - copper, silver, brass, and German wire.  Michael is looking into adding some red brass for those who prefer their brass with more copper in it.  The only difference between yellow brass and red brass is the amount of copper vs nickel in it, which changes the color. Some people seem to like the yellow brass because of the lovely gold color.  Others like the red brass because the copper in it brings a reddish hue to the wire.

Personally, I'm in love with copper at the moment.  I love the richness of the color and how easy it is to work with.  I'm hoping to make some copper earwires this week to put up in the shop.

Bundles of different types of wire seem to sell well in the shop.  The bundle below is copper, brass, and German wire:

This particular bundle is for 16 gauge wire, but we offer several gauges and we're always willing to make a custom bundle specifically for you.

In addition to wire, we also sell findings, connectors, dangles - all kinds of fun things!

Stop by the shop and let us know what you like and/or what you'd like to see!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is it?????

Okay... I'm looking for help with this one.  Below is a picture of a... hmmm... thing that I bought at an antique shop nine or ten years ago.  I use it to hold business cards, but I have NO idea what it is.  Do you?  I'd appreciate any and all help on this one!!

The "blue thing" is 3 1/4" wide, 1 5/8" deep and it stands 2 3/4" high.  It feels like milk glass (although I'm not sure if there is such a thing as blue milk glass).  There were several colors, I think,  but the blue stood out for me.  I'd love to know what it actually is and how it was originally used.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

MORE snow!

More snow here in the frozen tundra known as Delaware.  I'm looking out my window at HUGE tree limbs, broken from the weight of the snow.  But, like Scarlet, from "Gone With The Wind"... I'll worry about that tomorrow (maybe).

No work today.  Looks like we are still under a State of Emergency.  If I were the Governor, I'd cancel tomorrow, too.  Well, I don't think he has the power to actually cancel tomorrow, but he COULD cancel work for tomorrow.  I think he should.  (I wonder if he'll call for my opinion)

Since I forgot my camera when we were out yesterday, (we took the 3-hour scenic route to Home Depot) I've had to steal snow pictures from my kids. 

Julie should send this somewhere where they are accepting snow pictures.  What a great picture!  And what a wonderful little girl!!

Family snow time!  Richard and Kate taking a snow bath???  Obviously Mom was stuck behind the camera.  (We need more "mother" pictures!) 

If that sled is moving, it must be REALLY icy!!!

This one concerned me. I was worried that if he kept moving his arms, he might keep sinking and cover himself with snow.  (I always said that he was an angel.)

This one was from Greg's last trip to Home Depot yesterday. He and Matthew no sooner made it in the door, and they announced.. 'Home Depot will be closing in 5 minutes." 

I stole this one from Facebook. Greg titled it - "In training".  I think that says it all!  Matthew is definitely a miniature Greg.

Greg took this one on our street yesterday. SO pretty!!!

I think I heard on the news yesterday that our total accumulation for these two storms has been 31.7".  Amazing!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed in!

2 feet of snow in Delaware is enough to close the state - and it did!  We've been under a State of Emergency since Friday evening.  Travel restrictions were lifted last night at 8:00 with requests not to go out, so we were trying to be well behaved and not go out. 

Drifts were 5 feet and higher.  My oldest son said that he couldn't get out his back door because of the drifts and that he couldn't get his snow plow out of the garage. 

Michael is preparing to go shovel as I write this.  We have a WONDERFUL neighbor who plowed our driveway last night.  In the process, he plowed Michael "in".  So.... Michael has to go play in the snow this morning.  He points out, though, that he's grateful for the amount of shoveling he DOESN'T have to do!

We were very fortunate that this was not a heavy, wet, snow that takes down power lines.  Michael and I spent the day yesterday watching the snow - safe and warm. 

Most of the screens were full of snow, making it difficult to even see outside.  Our big front window doesn't have a screen, so Michael was able to take a few pictures from inside. 

My son, Greg and his crew were out in the snow and even made it to Target. 

Greg took this one at Target yesterday and titled it:  "Need a cart, anyone?"  The State of Emergency MIGHT have had something to do with Target being so empty. 

Before Target, though, I think he made a morning trip to Dunkin' Donuts.  And before that, who knows, BUT I promise you there WAS a "before that", knowing Greg.

My oldest son didn't have time to play in the snow. Richard was out shoveling and snow-blowing his driveway and the driveways of three of his neighbors. I'm afraid this experience will turn him against "old people" (of which I am one) for good! Now that it's over and he's safe, I'm so very proud of his care for his neighbors. I'm sure they appreciate his kindness.

Maybe today he can take the top off of the snow in an area big enough for Kate to play. He said the drifts were so high in his yard yesterday that it was over his 3 yr.old daughter's head in many places.

I haven't heard from my youngest son yet. It took 2 ft. of snow to get Scott a Saturday off from work! I'm sure he enjoyed the day with his family.

I know that for many, this would be no big deal, but for Delawareans, this is a biggie!  We don't have the manpower or the equipment to handle this kind of snow. 

Schools could be closed here for a week because the buses can't get through the back streets. Main roads get plowed.  For the most part, secondary roads do not get plowed unless a community hires someone privately to plow their community. 

In Delaware it snows and then it melts - and then it snows - and then it melts.  Nature usually takes care of the roads (more or less).  It looks like the temperatures are going to be right around freezing or a little below this week (according to so who knows what this will do to our tiny state. I guess we'll  just have to wait and see. 

Should we blame the groundhog???

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Watch This!

So!  Something new in the shop - a watch.  This one has turquoise beads and silver spaces on sterling silver - handcrafted from silver wire by - me! 

We've sold several watches, but we've never had one in our Etsy shop - until now!  :-)

I love the graceful look of curved wire - silver, copper, brass.  It seems so peaceful and lovely to me.  And I love working with the wire - one of my favorite ways to relax.

I also made a turquoise and pearl bracelet that looks GREAT with the watch.  I think Michael calls it a "companion piece".  It really is a great companion piece.

There is also a pair of earrings that match the bracelet.  We'll have to see that those get into the shop (TheEarringLady) tomorrow morning.

I was reading about Turquoise this afternoon. I found out that it's one of the oldest stones known - dating as far back as the Egytians.  Turquoise is considered by many to bring inner strength, and to provide protection from harm.  I love reading about the spiritual qualities of different gemstones.

Do you have a favorite gemstone?  Why is it your favorite? I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Connectors and Dangles and Wire! Oh my!

Our ThunderMoonSupplies shop on Etsy is doing well. In addition to all of the wire we carry, we've added some connectors and dangles that are soooo cute!

The Dangles above are great for earrings - as charms - or pendants.  There are a ton of uses - anything your mind can imagine.  They are Aventurine - hand wrapped with sterling silver wire and with sterling silver beadcaps.  So rich and pretty!  And only $4.95 (plus shipping) for all five of them!

Above are yellow Calcite Dangles wrapped with sterling silver and with silver plated bead caps.  And only $2.95 (plus shipping) for three!  I love them!
I love the mottled green of Tree Agate.  The Connectors above are hand wrapped with sterling silver.  They would be great in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, key chains, bookmarks - so many places!  Only $5.95 (plus shipping) for all eight of them. 

We've been busy catching up after Christmas and getting ready for the spring arts and craft shows.  Check our shops often.  We're updating daily!

Happy Monday!  Enjoy your week!
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