Thursday, February 11, 2010

MORE snow!

More snow here in the frozen tundra known as Delaware.  I'm looking out my window at HUGE tree limbs, broken from the weight of the snow.  But, like Scarlet, from "Gone With The Wind"... I'll worry about that tomorrow (maybe).

No work today.  Looks like we are still under a State of Emergency.  If I were the Governor, I'd cancel tomorrow, too.  Well, I don't think he has the power to actually cancel tomorrow, but he COULD cancel work for tomorrow.  I think he should.  (I wonder if he'll call for my opinion)

Since I forgot my camera when we were out yesterday, (we took the 3-hour scenic route to Home Depot) I've had to steal snow pictures from my kids. 

Julie should send this somewhere where they are accepting snow pictures.  What a great picture!  And what a wonderful little girl!!

Family snow time!  Richard and Kate taking a snow bath???  Obviously Mom was stuck behind the camera.  (We need more "mother" pictures!) 

If that sled is moving, it must be REALLY icy!!!

This one concerned me. I was worried that if he kept moving his arms, he might keep sinking and cover himself with snow.  (I always said that he was an angel.)

This one was from Greg's last trip to Home Depot yesterday. He and Matthew no sooner made it in the door, and they announced.. 'Home Depot will be closing in 5 minutes." 

I stole this one from Facebook. Greg titled it - "In training".  I think that says it all!  Matthew is definitely a miniature Greg.

Greg took this one on our street yesterday. SO pretty!!!

I think I heard on the news yesterday that our total accumulation for these two storms has been 31.7".  Amazing!

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