Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Love these Monday holidays! Even though I'm still not back to work since my cervical spine surgery, it just FEELS like a holiday today! I love it that my kids are off today and that they get to spend an extra day with their families. They all work SO hard!

I got another Treasury today. The picture of Michael's pins is what inspired my purple and green Treasury. Take a look! I'm always amazed at how creative people are!

I've been into pearls lately - pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl earrings - grey pearls - colored pearls - white pearls - any kind of pearls. I mean really... is there anything in this world more versatile than pearls??? And the glass pearls are SO pretty without being expensive. The trick for me, is to keep from putting so much work into them that I have to price them too high. At this point I'm having such a good time "playing pearls" that profit is not my primary concern. Not the smartest business perspective, but sometimes it's just fun to make pretty things - just for the sake of making pretty things.

I'm thinking of taking a class or two while I'm off (something "jewelry") if I'm able. I'd love to learn something new while I have some time.

Speaking of what I'm doing while I'm off - I'm just stuck on the "Twilight" series. My step-daughter read them when they first came out. "You HAVE to read them!" She encouraged. "Right", I said, rolling my eyes. Vampires... riiiiiiiiiiiiight!

So then my daughter-in-law read them and said "WOW! You HAVE to read them." And again, I said, "Right", smiling this time, though, and only mentally rolling my eyes.

So next... it was my 10 (almost 11)-year-old grandson. "Grammie, ya GOTTA read this series!" Then he lent me the books.

I thought, "Okay, I'll read one and then I can tell them it's just not my thing."

So I read one.

Then I read the next one.

Then I read the third one.

And now... the fourth one.

*sigh* I NEVER would have imagined this was something I would or could read, but I'm hooked. I could just sit and read straight through (like I did with the first and second ones), but I'm trying to be reasonable and ration my reading so that I still have a life. It's tough though! ;)

Ok... soooooooo, I have an hour before we go to a cookout. I'm gonna go read!


Enjoy your holiday!

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