Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bead Show or Bust!

10 days after spine surgery and we made it to the Interweave Bead Fest Philadelphia bead show yesterday and again today. There ARE priorities, you know!

Michael loaded up the ol' mobility scooter and off we went to King of Prussia in search of all things fun and fabulous. The show seemed MUCH smaller this year! The jewelry industry is obviously affected by the lagging economy. And the cost of a booth as this particular show has increased tremendously. All of our favorite silver dealers were there, but there seemed to be a shortage of good gemstone dealers.

We did find some really pretty things that we hope to turn into really pretty jewelry - SOON! We should probably be focusing on fall, but we found some cool, unusual summery things that we couldn't pass up. Maybe I think too much in the "now", but when you see the Brazilian jasper, I'm sure you'll understand.

ANYWAY... it seems to me that beautiful jewelry begins with beautiful components. And pure silver is sooooooo beautiful! I have to say that the Thai silver from Niki Passenier is my absolute favorite!!

We find that it takes longer and longer to "do" a bead show every time we go. We're long past the "grab and go" days. We've developed relationships with dealers and fellow bead shoppers over the past couple of years which makes attending bead shows even more fun.

There's always a certain amount of "catching up" to do - Rahul from Atlantic Gems told us that his sister is graduating from college this May with her Master's in Occupational Therapy. (He also promised to stop and have a pizza with us soon, since he travels I95 through Delaware frequently - and we intend to see that he does!) - A fellow Delaware beader filled us in on the latest happenings at our favorite local bead shop, Sparkles Bead Shop - Time spent with our buddies at Niki Passenier Silver is always fun and - And we missed our friend Ray Cooper from Maine, our favorite lampwork dealer, who has taken some new turns with his glass work. The jewelry-making community in and around Philadelphia is alive and well and we're so glad to be part of it!

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