Saturday, January 23, 2010

Concert at the Keswick ~ Duets

One of the best!  We saw David Bromberg and Jorma Kaukonen (with Barry Mitterhoff) in one of the best concerts I've seen in a long time!

Of course we were almost blinded by all the mother-of-pearl on those two Martin guitars!  Beeeaaaautiful!  I never thought I'd see Jorma play a Martin, though. I'm so used to him with a Gibson.  I mean... if he's not using that Gibson and he'd like to give to me... well... I'd be glad to take it off his hands.  I'm selfless that way.

I love David Bromberg with his Big Band - and I love David Bromberg with the Angel Band - AND I love David Bromberg with Jorma (and Barry), but I love David Bromberg best when it's just David and  his guitar.

Jorma and Barry started the first set and then David came out and joined them. (I think they're taking turns opening each night).  David started the second set solo and it was fantastic!  I don't think I've seen David in concert alone before, but you can bet that I'll be there if it ever happens again!

With Jorma AND David, it was a night of pure guitar picking heaven, but the crowd belonged to David Bromberg.  Every song was an audience sing-along.

There are times when David is playing and singing - and he stops singing for several words.  You can tell that he hears the missing words coming from the guitar. And so could we. 

I think we have a few pictures.  I'll go through them and find a couple to post here.  Maybe Michael will add his two cents' worth also. 

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