Saturday, March 14, 2009


Silver rings!!!!! Michael has been playing in the silver again! This is BEAUTIFUL! I love the things he makes and this one is one of my favorites!! Hand-forged silver, hammered, soldered... soooooo pretty!
SO! Of course while Michael was making rings, I snagged a few for some really pretty earrings. I added a couple of deep blue lampwork beads (made by Ray Cooper) to this pair.

Cane glass. Furnace beads. The color of cotton candy. This bracelet is made from artisan made cane glass beads (also called furnace glass beads).The beads are handmade by pulling molten glass into long canes. The glass is then cut into beads. The beads are smoothed, annealed and tumbled to a bright polish. You can clearly see the difference between these handmade beads and the "factory-made" beads. These REALLY sparkle.

I've been saving these for something special. And this is very special. Of course, there are earrings and a necklace to match. Shades of pink - and pretty silver. What do you think? Pretty?

Well, time to get moving. We're thinking of going to a bead show in Cherry Hill, NJ today for some "staples" - components like headpins, etc. At least, that the goal. BUT... I'll let you know if we find anything pretty that we just can't live without! ;)

Have a great weekend!

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