Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swan clasps, and "S" clasps and hooks! Oh my!

Michael has been on a mission making swan clasps, "S" clasps, and hooks so that I can finish some necklaces that I made.

Designing and making jewelry makes us more aware of jewelry on TV, in the movies and in magazines. It's not unusual for us to be watching a movie and one of us turn to the other and say "Wow! Did you see those earrings? (or necklace? or bracelet?)" And the other one says.. "Yeah! REALLY nice!" It makes me laugh that we are both so conscious of the jewelry as it goes by. Plot? We may miss it, but jewelry? Never!!!

There is a viewer who makes jewelry for Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, so I always have to check every morning before I go to work, to see what she has on that day. Pretty stuff!

Colors this spring seem to be more vibrant than usual. Although pastels are always "in", they seem to have a little more punch this spring.

Thinking vibrant - I found some beautiful round, fire opal Swarovski crystals for a simple, elegant, FANTASTIC necklace! A picture never does justice to Swarovski crystals - especially ones this size. I can picture this on someone with a deep tan this summer. Wow!

So many ideas! So little time! *sigh*

Have a great day!

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