Friday, April 3, 2009

They say that help is at the end of your arm.

Or in the case of Etsy, at the end of your fingers - in the forums.

Michael was hanging out in the forums the other day and someone was offering to help with pictures. SO, since he's our official picture-taker, he took her up on her offer and asked her to look at ThunderMoonCreations.

He called me at work to say that this helpful lady mentioned our citrine bracelet and asked him "Why would you do THAT to that bracelet????" Well, I checked and that wasn't exactly what she said.. but... well... kinda. SO... he was a little huffy when he got her reply, but he tried what she suggested (because, after all, he DID ask for her opinion). AND... he was thrilled with the results. She was "spot on" about that particular bracelet. (He's not giving her more than that at the moment, but he'll be better tomorrow.)

So this is what we ended up with:

And the matching earrings at our other shop:

WAAAAAAAY better than what we had before!

I feel as though we learn something new every day!

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