Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earrings! Earrings! Earrings!

Showcase tonight! I think I like the new sections for the jewelry showcase. We'll see! Our showcase tonight is for our other shop - TheEarringLady.

With a showcase coming, I've been making more earrings. In fact, I've been making SO many earrings, that poor Michael can't take pictures fast enough. The photography process is very tedious - or so it seems. I just hand things to Michael and the pictures show up. Not tedious for ME at all! :)

It was 75 degrees here the other day, so we took the day off and went to the shore (Wildwood, NJ) for the day with my son and his family to do our part to open the shore season. That put me in SUCH a "beachy" mood that I had to add a new section to TheEarringLady shop called "Sea you at the shore". Cute, don't ya' think?

Here are a couple pairs of the beachy things...

And... a couple more...

I also found a couple more cool links, which I've added over there ---> Check them out!

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