Monday, March 15, 2010

5 Reasons to Re-Organize Your Shop

  1. You can't find anything
  2. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, the organization of the shop just doesn't seem to be working
  3. No one else can find anything
  4. There aren't enough sections for all the "stuff"
  5. You just don't like the way it feels
Or... all of the above.

We're in the process of rearranging TheEarringLady shop on Etsy.  At the moment, I think we have almost 90 pairs of earrings there.  I did have them organized by color - kind of.  Because there weren't enough sections for all the colors, we had one big section named "Earthtones".  That covered browns, greens, rusts, beiges, and on and on and on.  Not good.

Then it occurred to me that when I used to go looking for earrings, most of the time, I wasn't looking for a specific color, I was just looking for earrings that I liked - or I was looking for a "feel" - like "light" or "Boho" or "dressy".

But... we can't organize the shop by "feel" because what we think is dressy, you might not and so on. 

SO... at the moment, we've tried to organize it for the most part by materials - like Gemstones, where I'd find Boho) or Crystals, where I might look for dressy earrings - Glass, for all the pretty or unusual glass that doesn't fit into any other category - that kind of thing.

I also realized that we had some sterling silver earwires and some silver plated earwires.  That means people really have to read to know what they're getting.  I didn't like that either, so.... no more silver plated earwires on anything but the $4 pearl earrings and I think we'll change those too, even if it means we have to raise the price a $1 or $1.50.  We'd like to be able to state in the Shop Announcement (Welcome area) that all earwires are either sterling silver, copper, or gold-filled - makes it so much easier for everyone.

We are also changing the look of the shop somewhat.  It feels just too scattered to us now.  We're thinking of being more consistent with the backgrounds - lose the bright colored backgrounds - maybe take more close-up pictures, etc. 

I love the pictures that Michael took with the flowers.  But I also like the ones on the stones. Maybe we could do both - or combine them.

OH!  And we changed the shipping policy.  There was a slight extra charge to ship a 2nd pair of earrings. Now the 2nd (and 3rd and 4th and... ) pair ships free. 

ANYWAY... we'd love your help - your opinions - what you like - what you don't like. 

Thanks in advance!

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