Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Same Acoustic Evening with Los Lobos

After hearing the amazing Leo Kottke open, we could hardly wait for Los Lobos.  Everyone I talked to told me that we would be blown away by the band.

We weren't.

At least not at first.  Don't get me wrong.  Individually, the members of Los Lobos are all jaw-droppers.  I mean... who wouldn't love David Hidalgo???  Really!  Guitar? Voice?  I'm a fan - for life!

Cesar Rosas was missing due to a family emergency.  Although I've never seen them before in concert, I'm sure that Cesar was greatly missed!  The audience shouted several requests for songs that Los Lobos couldn't play because Cesar was the lead singer on those songs. 

And Steve Rubin???  The man of many instruments.  We were close enough to FEEL the vibration from that baritone sax!  Fantastic! 

Maybe it was because the set was acoustic (which is usually my favorite) - maybe it was because Cesar Rosas wasn't there - maybe I was just "off" - but I was not blown away most of the evening. 

I looked behind me and saw 2 women in one row nodding their heads to the music and smiling - no one else in that row was moving.  Behind those women, a man appeared to be sleeping.  And yes, I know the difference between "feeling" the music with your eyes closed - and sleeping.  Usually "feeling the music" is not done with your head back and your mouth open.  (Just my opinion.)

There was some chair dancing in the crowd, but not much.  At one point David promised to play some songs so that people could dance.  A couple in the row opposite me got up and headed toward the wall to dance.  (You know about wall dancers, right?  The people who just can't sit still and get chased over by the wall so that they don't get in anyone's way.)  I LOVE the wall dancers - as long as they are wall dancers and not "stand-in-front-of-me" dancers!  If I could be one... I would!

So anyway... Great!  But the next 3 songs were undanceable (yes, that's a new word), so the couple went back to their seats. 

About the time I was wondering when it would be over, Los Lobos broke out the electric guitars and the place started to rock.  You could feel the crowd come alive for the last 3 songs.  It was at that point that I totally understood why people love Los Lobos and why the Keswick was sold out!

And why... the next time Los Lobos is in town, I'll be there!

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