Saturday, August 22, 2009

5 Websites to make you smile

Okay... something new. I think I'm going to do away with the links on the side in the sidebar and make a post from time to time (weekly, maybe?) with links that I've found that I enjoy. Then if anyone is interested in past links, they can sort by the label "Links" and... ta da... there they will be!

::::applause applause::::

Sooooo today? Cartoon and comic related websites...
  1. Dilbert (of course) ~ Who doesn't love Dilbert?
  2. ~ 12 Sites to create cartoon characters of yourself. Need an avatar? Check this one out.
  3. Out There cartoons ~ Do you suffer from Monday-itis? New cartoons every Monday and Friday.
  4. ~ Find all your favorite comics here.
  5. The New York Times Cartoon Caption Contest ~ My cousin, Tom, sent this to me and I'm hooked. We never win, but we do make ourselves laugh.

So for today... th... th... th... that's all folks!

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