Friday, August 14, 2009

How To Rate A Movie (MY way)

Let's begin with the premise that I really have NO discernment when it comes to movies. I like them all - some more than others, but it's rare that I don't find some redeeming quality in even the worst movie.

Sooooo for me to rate a movie, it's just a matter of degrees of "GO!"

  1. 5 Go's is the best! Get there! Quick! No excuses!
  2. A 4 Go movie is really good! You can wait 'til next week, but no longer!
  3. 3 Go's means that I really liked it - probably more than you will.
  4. 2 Go's will give you a pleasant escapist afternoon. Beyond that - no promises.
  5. 1 Go means that there were probably 2 of us in the theater, and the other person was sleeping. This movie can wait until it comes out on TV or DVD. (unless you're bored today - then go)
  6. The dreaded Pfffffft! You won't see these very often. A Pfffffft! movie takes time and money that you'll never get back. Buy a book and sit in book store and read if you want to get "away". Don't waste your time on this one.

Clear? All righty, then! Now we're on the same page!

P.S. At some point I'll try to go back and rate the movies I've already reviewed here.

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  1. You can copy anything you like from my blog (I shamelessly copied from everyone else when I saw something I liked)

    And I loved your movie review points!


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