Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Kids are Alright

I was seventeen in 1969, which of course means that every guy I knew played guitar. Seriously, they all did. The girls didn't and I don't know why. But among my close friends, the guitar players were, Marty, Dony, Stan, Jack, Rick, and Brian. Oh, and my brother Chuck and my Uncle Richard.

So, to see my daughters friends all gathered in our living room with guitars in hand (and a ukulele and keyboards and even a rhythm egg) is a real pleasure. She wanted to learn to play, so I got her a Fender acoustic guitar for Christmas two years ago. I think she must like it. Since then she has taken up the harmonica, the ukulele and just recently picked up a keyboard and is teaching herself keyboards. (I am some help there but very little. Jane knows more than I do, but neither of us really plays.)

Even though she picked up the keyboard (which is in the living room) she seems to prefer Jane's piano. Her music is spread all over it.

So the other day they were all here, and Jane suggested that I get a couple of pictures to record the event. I thought that was a great idea and here are a couple.

In the picture above is (from left to right) Joanna, my daughter Chelsea, Kelly, and Barak. Joanna is playing Jane's vintage 1976 Gibson MK72. Chelsea is playing her Fender (a really nice guitar for the money). Kelly is playing my Ovation Balladeer, and Barrack got stuck with the least favorite, the small nylon string classical. (the ukulele was resting) The pic above shows the smiles, but we can't see Barak, so here is one where you can.

Jane and I listened to them of course and it was wonderful to have music in the house. They play a lot, but since Joanna is majoring in music at college, she makes them play the "whole" song, which was nice.

The picture above is Kelly looking very studious.

Jane and I were talking about the music they played and even though I don't think we knew any of the songs, and they were all current (perhaps even one of Joanna's originals) they sound just like what we played 40 years ago.

We are not sure they would agree, or like that, but that's the way it sounds to us.

Truly, the kids are alright.

- posted by Michael


  1. It is Great to have many friends to play with you. I am also JUST trying to learn the guitar.
    I really need to spend more time on it and I probably should join a group to learn easier. How fabulous to have it right in your living room!

    I just wanted to sit on the porch or my by imaginary pond with dragonflies and strum alittle.
    Smiles, Cyndi

  2. Great that your daughter and and friends want to just sit around and play instuments...I would love to play the guitar but never did try!

  3. Cyndi... I'll be 60 in September and I just bought a guitar. I'm not as faithful about playing as I'd like to be, but I'll get there. Part of my problem is that I don't have much "alone" time and I'm pretty self-conscious about how sucky I am. :)

    Maybe we could compare notes and lay out a plan together - long distance! What kind of guitar do you have?

  4. Mona... DO it! I had some surgery in April - lots of possibilities for complications (none of which materialized - God's grace) - and it made me realize how very short life is - just one chance at it. So... do it now!

    I was listening to XM radio the other day and heard a song by Elizabeth Cotten. Elizabeth Cotten started playing the guitar at 60 years old and won a Grammy at 90! Talk about inspiration. (ALTHOUGH... I don't really care about winning a Grammy at 90!)

    Go for it, Mona!

  5. Uh... btw.. I won't be 60 in September. I'll be 61! So easy to forget. The years just blur together! :)


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