Friday, July 3, 2009

1 - 2 - 3 Marlenas

Great concert last night at the Keswick! Augustana opened for The Wallflowers.

We weren't familiar with Augustana before last night, but when I sent my son a text message asking if he had heard of them, of course - Richard said that he has 2 of their CDs. (He also said "Oh crap!" because a meeting in New York kept him from being with us.) ;)

ANYWAY... they were fantastic! We were late (my fault) and I felt awful that we missed part of their set. They were soooo good! I'd LOVE to see them again! They're touring this summer with The Wallflowers and with the Counting Crows.

Taking pictures of Jakob Dylan is like trying to catch thunder. What an interesting man. There were no rules about pictures. We were all welcome to take them, BUT... there were almost no lights on the stage - no spotlight. The stage was VERY dark. (Michael did a great job with the pictures, considering the darkness of the stage.)

When Stuart (lead guitar) took solos, Jakob moved to the back of the stage, where he was almost invisible. He started every song facing the drummer, his back to the audience. Not a lot of ego there.

The musicianship was terrific, as always. Our seats were in the front row, on the left-hand side - directly in front of Stuart Mathis (perfect seats for Michael, who, being a guitar player himself, is always interested in technique). Stuart Mathis, with his long, thin fingers - (reminiscent of Pete Droge and just made for playing guitar) was mesmerizing as was Fred Eltringham on the drums. I could hardly take my eyes off of him. He drums with every part of his body. He truly becomes the music. Fascinating!

Below is the set list (yup... we were given a set list from the stage) for what it's worth. They did quite a few things that weren't on the set list. Jakob commented on the amazing sound at the Keswick and seemed to indulge himself (and us) with some things they hadn't planned.

Jakob Dylan reminds me more and more of his father. He doesn't look so much like him in profile, but he certainly does straight on. Michael thinks he acts very much like his dad, also.

It was our 2nd Wallflowers concert and I would certainly go again (and again - and again!)

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