Monday, July 27, 2009

They Moved Us at the Market

We have been setting up our wares at the Italian Farm Market now for four weeks. We had a great spot in the shade in the corner and it was great. But then vendors around us didn't show up and two weeks in a row we were stuck in that corner 50 feet from the other vendors.

So this week they moved us down by the Amish Farmer and by Jim, from Rosehill Plantery. Well put us next to a guy that has beautiful hanging baskets and of course we had to consider buying something. It is mid-season for him so prices were as unbelievable as was the quality of the baskets. We had to have something to hang, so we got a couple.

You can see how they look in the picture above. I was sure that I would remember what each basket was, so I didn't write down the names of the plants. Of course, now I can't remember and have no idea what they are, but they are pretty.

Regardless of what they are, they're very pretty and Jane and I like them very much. She says that the plastic hangers will drive her crazy so we stopped and got some twine so that she can make some hangers for them.

Either way, the colors are great and they add a nice touch to the front of the house.

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