Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Public Enemies

It's Tuesday - $1 popcorn day - so Michael and I HAD to go to the movies this afternoon. We've been thinking about seeing "Public Enemies" for a couple of weeks, but the running time of 2 hrs. and 23 minutes was a bit of a put-off.

In the end, we decided that we couldn't let a Johnny Depp movie disappear from the theater without seeing it, so we went. (I already said that, didn't I?)

Johnny Depp was terrific, as usual. (I'm a fan.) He certainly made Dillinger human, which for me was a mixed blessing. I was kind of hoping that the makers of this film would take some liberties and make it a happy ending. That didn't happen. Not even close. In the end, history won out (was there ever a contest???). This was definitely not a "feel good" movie! (And not all of the bad guys were gangsters!)

I seriously considered leaving 5 minutes early to avoid the end. Instead I opted for the "cover your eyes" style of movie watching. It was only semi-successful - didn't change the end at all, but I avoided watching it, which worked for me.

My one regret is that I didn't get to see the blonde guy with the scrunched up mouth who "took care" of Billie, "get it"! Now, I'm a gentle soul, by nature, but with all of the bullets flying, it's a shame one didn't get that guy! (She said, sweetly)

Loved the "Pirates" movies, "Finding Neverland", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"; the whole list - and my favorite, "Chocolat". If it has Johnny Depp in it, I'm there. So, it's not surprising that I'm recommending "Public Enemies", too.

Go see it.

But don't watch the end.

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  1. lol The end is a bit of a downer, but I have to say that I really did love the movie. It didn't feel as long as it was, which is always a nice thing!


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