Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Copper Takes a Tumble

While we were at the Italian Farmer's Market last weekend, Jane was making all kind of fun things out of 16 and 18 gauge copper wire. She made swan clasps, S clasps and different kinds of connectors.

One of our newest tool purchases has been a tumbler. We got it basically to harden and shine up silver pieces that we have made. But some of the copper wire that Jane was using was a bit oxidized and she wondered if it would benefit from some time in the tumbler.

As you can see above, it certainly did. It picked up great shine and the tumbling did a great job of hardening the soft copper.

We've been working on making both copper and silver earwires and should have some info on that soon.

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  1. It looks just beautiful. I hav ebeen thinking of getting a tumbler, maybe this is the incentive to just do it!

    SMiles, Cyndi


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