Sunday, July 19, 2009

How many farmers does it take to have a Farmer's Market?

Well, at the little Italian Farmer's Market in Wilmington, Delaware - just one.

It was a beautiful morning; almost chilly sitting under our tree at the Italian Farmer's Market in Wilmington yesterday. This has been a cool and comfortable summer; low humidity, not much heat (at least so far).

There was lots of foot traffic at The Market yesterday. Some came walking their dogs; some couples were holding hands, out for a walk around the neighborhood; some came for their weekly produce purchase from the Amish Farmer, some came to visit the vendors to see what's new, or to purchase what they WISH they had purchased last week (and hoping it's still there).

The "tink tink tink" of Michael's chasing hammer on the bench block brought people to our table to see what we were up to. (NOT a bad thing!)

We got an order of silver last week, so as we sat in the shade of an old, graceful tree, we tag-teamed some silver clasps and findings (pictures coming later). I formed the pieces (with some occasional help from Michael) and Michael hardened them on the bench block.

It's amazing that such a little sound could carry through the Farmer's Market, but apparently it did!

We are finding that Little Italy is a wonderful neighborhood with a beautiful mix of people from every ethnicity, race and ecomonic group, represented every week. Regulars visitors, like Grace Marie, stop by to chat. Others wave and smile a friendly "hello" as they walk past to get their produce.

We look forward to seeing our vendor friends - to check on where they've been the previous week - to compare notes on sales and ideas - to check up on families and pets. This has quickly become another family for us.

What a glorious way to spend a Saturday morning!

Life is good!!

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