Sunday, June 7, 2009

Black and White and Red Treasury

First time poster, Michael here. Jane finally gave me the key to the blog, so here I am. She is more social, wittier and generally more fun than I am - I am not sure what I bring to the party. I guess time will tell.

Anyway, let's talk about Treasuries on Etsy.

Treasuries mystified me initially. I didn't understand how to post them or when you could. Seems that every time I looked at the treasuries, they were full, and indeed they were. Like getting a showcase, timing is everything. You have to know when is the time, and then sit and watch. Once I figured it out it is fun. There is plenty of info in The Storque and the Forums on how to do it, I just had to go read it.

There were a few days when it seemed that most of the treasuries were uninspiring visually. The items and colors all seemed so random. I wanted to do something that was visually striking. I went to the photography section and searched for "black and white and red" and the result is below.

I put this one in Treasury West to see what that is all about. It seems that because Treasury West is experiemental and has no direct link, that there is just less traffic there. Although I was pleased with the look of the treasury, it seems that fewer people actually saw it.

I have another one waiting, but this one will go in the Main Treasury.

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