Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Live Long And Prosper!

Well! We just got back from seeing Star Trek! Soooooooo good!

At the risk of being drummed out of the human race, I totally missed Star Trek the first time around. Not that I'm not "of the age" to remember. I'm plenty "of the age". It just wasn't my thing. So, I was afraid that I'd be lost in this movie, but I wasn't lost at all.

The movie was done so that kids of this generation who aren't very familiar with Star Trek (is there such a thing?) or oldies but goodies who didn't get it the first time (raising my hand) could follow the story from the very beginning. Well done!

I'm only sorry I didn't wait until next week and take my grandsons to see it! I think they would have really liked it. Michael wasn't thrilled about going, but he enjoyed it,too. 2 hours just FLEW by!

If you're considering seeing this movie... do it!

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