Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Etsy small world!

It's a small world = Etsy small world. Get it? Oh! Sometimes I DO crack myself up!

ANYWAY... let me tell you about my experience with the small world we call Etsy! I sold several pairs of earrings (with a couple of modifications) to a lovely young lady in Pennsylvania for her bridesmaids.

When I wrote to her to let her know that the earrings had been shipped, I told her that I had a cousin who lives within miles of where she lives - like the next town over.

She told me that it was a small community and asked me for my cousin's name. After names were exchanged, it turns out that my cousin was her fiance's first grade teacher. AND the fiance's mother worked for years with my cousin's husband!

I mean... really! With all of the thousands of buyers and sellers on Etsy, how much fun it is when a connection like this happens!

It seems that in the end, we are all connected in some way!

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