Saturday, June 20, 2009

Speaking of sparkles...

Oh! Do these SPARKLE!!! (Note... that was a statement, not a question!)

Kind of a dreary day the other day so I decided I'd go for a little "bling"! I bought these crystals at the last bead show we went to in King of Prussia. I'd looked at them off and on all day, but hesitated because I was really looking for gemstones.

BUT... I didn't find what I wanted in gemstones, so these beauties found their way to our house. Earrings to match of course. I just love working with crystals. They can brighten up the darkest day.

The only thing better than working with crystals is wearing them. Bad day? Wear some crystals. Rainy day? Wear some crystals. Tough time at work? Wear some crystals. Watch them catch the light - and then watch them lighten your mood. Try it! It works!

Have a "crystal" kind of day!

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