Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Curtains For You!

Oh my! I thought that was SO funny, but it occurs to me that you have to be old to even remember what that means. I can still hear the "baddies" in the gangster movies (does anyone remember gangster movies? *sigh*) pointing their guns and growling - with furrowed brows, feet spread apart, and between gritted teeth - "Ya' shoulda done what the boss said. It's curtains for ya'." *KABOOM* I'm sure you get the idea - it's not a good thing.

ANYWAY... I finished the curtains yesterday and Michael hung the new rod! Life is good!

Okay... so they're not perfect and I still need to add some curtain weights and move the picture that's partly hidden on the side. BUT... they're WAY better than the ones that were there. We have a red Lazy Boy reclining sofa, so the curtains look pretty with the sofa - or maybe the sofa looks better since we changed the curtains. I'm not sure which, but no matter how you look at it, it's better!

Incidentally, the picture(s) that you see beside the curtains are two prints of pen and ink drawings of a mother panda and her baby and a mother giraffe and her baby - "Mothers and Babies" by Louise Brevoort that were given to me as a gift from Ms. Brevoort when I was expecting my youngest son, Scott (who is now 39 *sigh*).

What did I do to deserve a gift from such a wonderful artist? Well... I was the "room mother" for her son, Doug, who was student teaching when the teacher quit in the middle of the year and Doug inherited the class. My oldest son (Richard, now 37) was in that 4th-grade class and it turned out to be one of his most FAVORABLY memorable school years. Mr. Brevoort did an outstanding job under less than outstanding circumstances. I was a staunch support and general "fan" - and or course, helped when I could.

There were LOTS of complaints from parents - a lot of controversy because he didn't have his degree yet, but really, student teaching was the last thing he needed to complete for his degree. He was creative and more than competent.

I knew the teacher who quit in the middle of the year. (On the weekend, I helped her sell baseball cards at card shows) When I asked her why she quit, she answered, "Because I realized that I really don't like children." Well, alrighty then! "Nuff said!

ANYWAY... to make a long story... well... just a little longer, I'll ask Michael to take a picture of the prints to put here. They're just sooo nice.

Oh! I DO ramble! (and ramble... and ramble... and ramble... and... )

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  1. We love your rambling jane - that's what makes it all so much fun.

    - Michael


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