Saturday, June 6, 2009


Thanks to a loan from my grandson, I finished the Twilight series last week - all four books! I fought this like crazy! My step-daughter, 2 daughters-in-law and finally my grandson told me that I HAD to read the books. I finally caved! "Okay" I sighed to my grandson. "Lend me the books and I'll read them."

WOW! I went from Twilight to New Moon with barely a couple hours of sleep. I was SO hooked! I decided for the 3rd and 4th books to pace myself and reclaim my life. I was only semi-successful!

THEN on Thursday night, my step-daughter gave us the movie to watch. I wasn't sure Michael would watch, but he did and I think he enjoyed it more than I did. I thought the books were SO good! The movie was good, too, but it didn't have the same humor and I guess it's hard to compress 400+ pages into a 2 hour movie.

So... today I told Michael, jokingly, that we ought to make some Twilight-inspired jewelry. I mean really. I was joking. BUT... I did a search in Etsy for "Esme" and wow! I found a woman whose entire shop is Twilight stuff! Amazing! AND... she has like 2,200 sales! I just might have to watch that movie again! :)

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