Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life Learner

I could spend my life taking classes - in fact, I hope to. There's always something new to learn. I had hoped to take a jewelry class of some kind while I'm off and I think I found one. It's a wire working class - kind of basic, but there are some things in the class that I neeeeeeeeed to know and some things I can do, but I'd like to do better.

The class is June 19th, so for better or worse, I'll post my project here when the class is over. I'm excited!!!!

AND... my sewing machine has been unhappy for quite a while now - some kind of tension problem (that tension thing seems to affect us all at times). Yesterday, Michael fixed it!!!!!! Hooooooray! I've had fabric to make new curtains for our den for... well... seems like forever. I can't even remember when I bought it. BUT... today I'm going to start (and maybe finish) those curtains. I can hardly wait!

We've been sooooo busy! Last Wednesday Michael and I took my oldest two grandchildren (Gregory, almost 11 and Alex, 8 1/2) to Wildwood, NJ for the day - their favorite place in the world.

We ended the day with a ferry ride from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, DE - and then home from there.

We had a fantastic day and managed to get sunburned in spite of the incredible fog!
(There are a couple more pictures and more about our trip on my family blog - Doorway of Time - also here at Blogspot.)

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