Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little Italy Farmer's Market

Today was our first day at the Farmer's Market in Little Italy (in Wilmington, Delaware). We weren't quite sure what to expect or if people shopping at a Farmer's Market would be interested in jewelry at all. BUT... we were pleasantly surprised.

We had a good day - sold some nice pieces - and even got an invitation to a art/craft show in September. Getting the invitation was kind of an affirming moment. Why, you say? Well! Let me tell you!

We had two tables set up and the lady from the craft show (which we didn't know at the time. She didn't have on a "craft show lady" sign) started at at the beginning of the tables.

"Pretty jewelry" she said, smiling. "I'm running a craft show at Carousel Farms in September and I'd ask you to come, but I already have 9 people selling jewelry."

We chatted as she continued down the tables. She picked up several pieces along the way and commented favorably on each one. By the time she got to the end of the tables, we had an invitation. :)

"I just LOVE your stuff", she said. "You have to come to Carousel Farms."

Pretty cool, eh? We were definitely excited!

In addition to selling some jewelry and getting an invitation to a craft show, we met some really nice people - both vendors and customers.

And a nice dog - a huge golden retriever named Luke, who is apparently almost a mascot and who spent most of the day lieing on my foot. Luke is a "toucher". He's happiest when he's touching you in some way.

We were situated between a man (Bill) who sharpens anything that can be sharpened, and on the other side, a representative from a local bakery. Luke (the dog - but don't call him a dog - it hurts his feelings) belongs to Bill.

Luke was tethered to Bill's truck, but he was able to roam quite a distance and he seemed to have adopted us for the day. It was a little awkward for people looking at jewelry to have this huge hulk of a dog in front of the table - or I should say the front end of a huge hulk of a dog. Luke spent most of the day lieing on his side, half of him under the table lieing on my foot, the other half stretched out in front of the table, watching the people. Anyone stopping at our tables just stepped over him, though, as if that was how they always looked at jewelry.

We had a couple of scares when other people with dogs passed by and Luke decided to go and be the official greeter. Twice, I thought he was going to take the table with him, but Bill came to the rescue both times.

All in all, we had a great day! I can hardly wait to go back next week! If you're anywhere near Wilmington, Delaware - come see us!


  1. Sounds like it went really well! Congratulations!

  2. We did have a wonderful day, Beth! Thanks for your comment. :) (I had a great time looking at your blogs! I'll be back often.)

  3. I have not done a farmers market in a few years...Reading you post makes me miss it! I think people love to buy jewelry at them. Many jewelry booths but everyone is always different! Have fun!
    Crystal from KIZZ


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