Thursday, June 18, 2009

Okay, we give up

Time to cry, "Uncle." We give up. You can only try to resist these things so long.

What am I talking about? Twitter of course. We are not officially the last ones on Twitter - it just feels like it. We have actually been set up on Twitter for awhile now. I made the accounts, but basically ignored them. Every now and then I would get an email that said we had a new follower and I would feel the guilt from neglecting Twitter, but neglected it anyway.

But, when Jane said that it appeared that many of the grandmothers from the "Wild, Wise, Witty Grandmothers Team" on Etsy were on Twitter, I officially gave in. More accurately, Jane and I both gave in.

So we are now following, being followed, reading tweets and tweeting ourselves.

So now between us we have two blogs, two Etsy accounts, two Facebook accounts, two Facebook Fan pages and even our own website - Oh, and now the two Twitter Accounts. Perhaps you can see why we went reluctantly into the land of Tweets.

And let us not forget that you also need to use TinyURL if you wish to share sites in your tweets.

Anyway, you can also find us at:

So lets all follow and tweet together.

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